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3 Tips for Creating a Stylish Home Bar

Why not elevate your dinner parties by serving your friends and family a drink from your very own home bar? A home bar is an ideal way to complement your contemporary home and can add a feeling of glamour to your daily life. Consider this, you get home from work on a Friday after a long week and you make yourself a gin and tonic from your home bar to help you wind down. Doesn’t that sound great?

If you want to add a bar to your home, here are five tips to make it happen.

Bespoke cabinets

Install bespoke cabinetry

The first thing you’ll need to do is ensure you have the space for it. Will you set up your bar in your kitchen or dining room? With the right luxury furniture, you can maximise space and make sure you have the right spot to fit your bar. You’ll want to put in a small fridge, cabinets, shelving and space for all your spirits, mixers and cocktail-shaking equipment. Consider whether you would like open-shelving or closed cabinets and if you would like to install cabinetry to create an actual bar with bar stools.

You can find a luxury furniture company to help design a bespoke made-to-measure home bar to perfectly suit any small or large space. If you decide on refrigeration, think about whether you want a wine chiller or a small bar refrigerator. You’ll also want to think about ice, so make sure there is space for an ice bucket.

Select your spirits and glassware

To make great drinks, you need quality spirits. It’s best to invest in high-quality spirits, so start off with the basics to make your favourite drinks such as gin, tequila, whisky, rum and vodka. Next, select the right glassware. The right glasses will massively impact the drinking experience, so it’s good to invest in a range of glasses including rocks glasses, collins glasses, coup glasses and wine glasses. This will ensure you can serve the best drinks in your neighbourhood.

Add liquors and mixers

Once you have created the foundation of your bar, add a small selection of liqueurs and mixers to create your signature cocktails. These might include vermouth, essential for martinis and negronis, bitters for Manhattans and an old-fashioned and orange liqueur such as Cointreau, triple sec or Curacao.

Are you looking for contemporary furniture and designer homeware to create your home bar? The team at DTR Customs are here to help. We offer a range of luxury furniture designs and bespoke cabinetry to help create the home of your dreams. Get in touch today to learn more.

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