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5 Perks Of Sliding Wardrobe Doors You Need To Know

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

If you are thinking about having sliding wardrobe doors installed in your home, then these 5 reasons could inspire you to make your final decision. Sliding wardrobes can be a sleek and efficient addition to any bedroom in your house, so keep reading to find our top 5 favourite benefits.

Sliding wardrobes

More Floor Space

This is a great advantage of having sliding wardrobes. The seamless nature in which they are installed will free up plenty of floor space. Due to the sliding nature of the doors, they don’t open outwards, giving you more space when using them. You can store your clothes and other bits and bobs within the sliding wardrobe to free up floor space in your room.

Effortless To Operate

Sliding wardrobe doors operate on tracks that are installed into the floor and ceiling. They are smooth to operate and not invasive at all, making them a great way to open up a space.

You could include mirrored panels on your sliding doors as well, if you want to elevate a room and bring in more light, mirrored sliding doors will do a great job of this.

Bespoke Design

If you are someone with an awkward space in your home that will need specific requirements, then bespoke design wardrobes can be specially created to accommodate any space in your home.

This is another advantage of sliding doors, as you can design them to look exactly how you want and need them, with appropriate storage space and choice of materials too.

Less Clutter

You will be able to add whichever kind of storage space you need in your wardrobe to help you keep things organised, and give you enough space to keep your room looking neat and tidy all the time!

The clean and modern look of sliding wardrobe doors naturally tidies up a room as it is, making them a great choice for your home.


Sliding doors are extremely durable and good quality materials will last you a long time. Rather than buying new wardrobes every few years and replacing your wardrobes from time to time, investing in a good quality sliding door is a much better alternative.

DTR Customs

Here at DTR Customs, we specialise in bespoke cabinetry and furniture items. We are dedicated to providing you with an excellent service and accommodating the needs of our clients with our bespoke design services.

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