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5 Ways To Totally Transform Your Current Living Space

5 Ways To Totally Transform Your Current Living SpaceIs your living space in need of a spruce? Sometimes our communal spaces need a little revamp, without redoing the entire room! If you’re looking for inspiration on how to transform the look and feel of your living room, keep on reading to find our 5 top tips to transform a space.

Bespoke fittings in living room

Cut The Clutter

Getting rid of clutter in your home can really transform your living space. Freeing up room within your home can open it up vastly, and make you realise how much space you actually have. If you’re still struggling to find places for things, you can use media units, coffee tables and extra cupboard space to help create more storage in your living area. This way, you can still embody a chic and elegant look within your home, and still find a place for all your belongings to live!

Utilise Your Natural Light

Don't block out the natural light. If you have furniture pieces obstructing natural light, this can make your living space feel more gloomy. So, if you’re looking to respark some excitement into your living room, try maximising on all the natural light you can get! Natural light will definitely make the space feel more open and more clear.

Change The Layout

You can give your living room a breath of fresh air by simply changing the layout. Moving furniture around and finding a new layout can help you make more space, or create a cosier feel. You can experiment with sofas, coffee tables and your other furniture items to find the best fit for you.

Go Green

Adding plants is a great way to add a new feel to your home. By including a natural element, you are opening up the space from being littered with clutter to full of flourishing plants. Their neutral tones and colour create a calming atmosphere and they will benefit from the natural light in your home.

As well as aesthetic value, plants will naturally filter the air in your living space. So, not only are they a burst of energy in a room, but they hold other practical benefits too.


Try buying a rug! Or if you already have one, try layering your rugs to create a multitude of interesting patterns and textures. This can really make a difference in your home and create a multilayered and interesting piece for your floor.

Thinking About Changing Your Living Space?

Here at DTR Customs, we offer a range of luxury homeware and contemporary furniture options to help you elevate your home. We offer a variety of living space options and media units that will totally transform your living room.

For any enquiries about what we do or our designer furniture, contact us today! Our team will be happy to talk through any questions and give you their best advice.

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