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Benefits of Bespoke Carpentry Over Shop Bought And Where to Commission It

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Although furniture from big stores and franchises might be easy to obtain, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the best option to go for. In fact, there are many benefits to bespoke joinery because you can almost guarantee that the fit, finish and craftsmanship exceeds that of the bigger stores. By its definition, ‘bespoke’ literally details the process in which products are made for the customer, ensuring that their needs and requirements are met along the way. Whether you’re looking for a high-quality finish to your bedroom furniture or you’re you looking for a made to measure desk, bespoke carpenters are the right people to achieve this.

If you’re looking for a bespoke fitted furniture company, then look no further than DTR Customs Ltd. We’re a company that prides in providing our customers with high-quality stylish storage solutions that are designed to stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home or add some extra storage, our bespoke furniture could be the perfect solution.

If you’re still not convinced of the benefits that bespoke carpentry can offer, then this guide will almost certainly change your mind. You’ll be kicking yourself that you haven’t enlisted the help of bespoke carpenters before!

Bespoke carpentry living room unit

What Are the Benefits of Bespoke Carpentry?

When it comes to bespoke carpentry, the benefits are somewhat endless. Here are just some of the benefits of using bespoke carpentry in your home:

Customisation - Perhaps one of the main benefits of using bespoke carpentry over shop bought furniture is the amount of customisation people have. Most ready-made furniture is known to be one size fits all, meaning that even if you like a piece of furniture, there is no guarantee that it will fit into your space. For instance, if you have a small room then there are limitations on what furniture you can buy from the store. In this case, custom furniture like bespoke wardrobes can be made to fit in any size room because they are measured to and constructed to the room’s exact dimensions.

Long-Term Investment - Another benefit of bespoke furniture is its ability to stand the test of time. These investments can last a lifetime because they are designed and installed with the highest attention to detail. Not only this, but bespoke carpenters usually have decades of experience so you know you’re getting the best service out there.

Adds Value - Bespoke furniture is an effective way of making you enjoy your home and the space around it, but it can also increase the value of your home too. For instance, adding bespoke storage solutions or a unique staircase will improve the appearance of your home and make your guests leave feeling jealous! Designer touches like this can be seen as highly desirable, which adds a significant value to your home should you ever wish to sell it.

Unique - By going down the bespoke joinery route, your house will start to develop a unique aesthetic. You’ll soon start to have pieces of bespoke furniture that you cannot get anywhere else, meaning that no other home will look the same as yours. Not only that, but you have the opportunity to make most of the designs your own.

Designs that Match Exact Furniture - When you want to spruce up elements of your home, it’s likely that you’re not looking for a complete revamp but just a few added touches. You are able to do this with bespoke furniture, as it means you don’t have to completely redesign the interior of your home. The joinery that you go for can be fitted perfectly next to your existing furniture, meaning that you can enjoy the benefits of bespoke furniture without having to consider redecorating.

Why Invest in Bespoke Office Furniture?

The appearance of your vital is something that should not be overlooked. It might not be at the top of your priorities, but the look of your office can have an impact on your employee’s productivity and influence people’s perception of your company. Bespoke office furniture has the ability to add value to your office setup, making it a place people want to visit. But what are the specific reasons you should invest in bespoke furniture for your office?

Tailor it to Your Space

Not all offices are completely square or rectangular, some offices are situated in weirder pieces of architecture. You only have to look at some of the high rise buildings in London city centre in which many of the offices are situated to discover that not all office buildings are square! In this case, standard office furniture might not be suitable because it doesn’t properly fit. Instead, opting for made to measure desks means that it will fit seamlessly into your space, removing the possibility of any odd angles sticking out. Maximising the use of space you have means you could even fit more desks, giving you the opportunity to hire more staff and grow as a business!

Staff Morale & Productivity

You might not be aware, but staff productivity can be significantly impacted by the environment in which employees work. Furniture can actually play a pivotal role in how employees perceive your business and, in turn, dictate their work rate. For instance, opting for bespoke furniture is going to look the part with its high-quality design. Yet opting for cheap furniture that breaks easily and looks cheap doesn’t exactly exude class or professionalism. In some cases, cheap furniture that has the potential to break can actually present obstacles for your employees which will only make their job easier. When you think about it, no employee would want to go to work when their furniture was falling apart! But if your furniture is designed perfectly and matches the aesthetics of the rest of the office, then they are likely to work harder.

First Impressions are Key

In mostly every office, there is the likelihood that you’ll have visitors. Whether it be customers, stakeholders or even possible employees, you should always prioritise making a great first impression. It’s difficult to shift the first impression, so it’s vital you get it right the first time! Bespoke office furniture can help you create an impressive first impression because it shows that you care about your office looks and the product you are supplying. It comes down to the smallest details when giving yourself a competitive edge, and bespoke furniture can really help you to achieve that.

What Services Can a Bespoke Carpenter Provide?

Bespoke carpenters have a wide range of solutions that they can offer. Here are just some of them:

Bedrooms - The bedroom is just one area in the home where a bespoke carpenter can make a difference. Whether it be bedroom furniture or wardrobes, carpenters have the ability to help you start your day off right. This is different to buying from a store, as there is no guarantee that they'll have the exact product for you.

Fitted Wardrobes - Bespoke wardrobes are really something you shouldn’t overlook to create the perfect bedroom. A Fitted wardrobe means that you’ll be maximising the space, whilst enhancing the overall aesthetics of your bedroom.

Living Spaces - When we own a home, it’s inevitable that we’ll be constantly looking for ways to improve it. Bespoke furniture that is both elegant and stylish can be a great way of making your living space the best room in the house once again. These could be alcove units, library walls or TV walls.

Home Office - Home offices are now the norm after the pandemic, and you might find that you need somewhere in your home to really knuckle down and crack on with some work. Creating a dedicated office environment in your home is the perfect way to do this.

Invest in Custom Shelving and Other Bespoke Furniture From DTR Customs

If you’re looking for a fitted furniture company, then look no further than DTR Customs Ltd. We’re a company that are committed to supplying our customers with stylish and affordable storage solutions that are built to last. We know how important it is to have furniture in your home that you feel proud of, that’s why we design and install a range of furniture that will match and complement the aesthetics of your home. Based in Nottinghamshire, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge behind us and will go above and beyond to ensure that your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded. Whether you’re looking for a made to measure desk or a bespoke wardrobe, we have got you covered. To find out more about the products and services we offer, then get in touch with our team today!

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