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Hidden Storage Spaces: Where to Put Them

Nearly everyone could use more storage space in their home. The problem is that there’s often nowhere to store things without it looking cluttered. However, you can tuck away hidden storage spaces in a myriad of places.

Interested in some unique ways to keep your belongings out of sight? There are many little areas in your home that are not in use, but they could be. Read on to learn more about where to add some extra storage space.

Under stairs storage

Under the Stairs

If you have stairs in your home, then you have a large chunk of unused storage space. Often, there’s a broom closet or similar under the stairs, but this is rarely the best way to use that empty space. Instead, consider adding drawers or shelves that are hidden away behind panels. The wall will look quite lovely, but with the touch of a hand, the extra storage is revealed.

This method of using the space beneath the stairs is much more efficient since you have easy access to each area. There’s no need to duck into a small cupboard when you can simply open up each space individually. Usually, this type of storage will need to be bespoke, as your stairs are unique and so are your needs.

Under Your Bed

The space beneath your bed is also often ignored and it could be the perfect spot to store out-of-season clothing, extra linens and much more.

There are rolling storage bins which you may use and slide under the bed, but why not invest in a bed that will actually provide you with what you need and look elegant at the same time? A well-built bed with storage drawers under it will not only look amazing and provide extra storage room but will be a highly unique option that is tailor-made for your bedroom.

In Window Seats

Window seats are always a lovely way to make better use of your windows, particularly a bay window. However, you may find that this is also the best place to add some more storage. Drawers are useful if you wish to keep many smaller things in the seat, but you can also go for the completely hidden option where the top lifts to reveal the space below. The choice is yours.

Get In Touch Today

Many people find themselves struggling to look for more storage space in their homes. The truth is, there are plenty of places to build unique furniture if you’re interested. Contact DTR Customs to find out how we can help you.

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