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Luxury Furniture Trends to Include in Your Bedroom Redesign

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Redesigning your bedroom or renovating your house is an exciting thing to do. You have the creative freedom to choose what you want your space to look like and you can work alongside modern furniture designers to get the exact look you want. When it comes to your bedroom, you have to make sure that you include the things that make you happy. If you want a modern design or a maximalist style, make sure to tell your designer so that they can create the perfect bedroom.

Here are some luxury furniture trends you may choose to include in your bedroom redesign.

Wood panelling

Feature headboards

Headboards are becoming bigger and bigger and acting as a focal point for the room. Luxury bespoke headboards are a great way to increase the grandeur of your bedroom and make it feel even more elegant. You can opt for vast panelling to expand beyond your bed which will make the room feel much larger.

Channelled wood panelling

This year we have seen an increase in channelled wood panels in many different areas of the home, particularly the bedroom. You can use grooved wood panels to create stunning feature walls that offer both contemporary and traditional styles. These are also being used as headboards, in dressing table areas and even as fitted wardrobe doors. Wood is a timeless material that makes it a great addition to your bedroom redesign and promises effortless style for years to come.

Calming natural colours

To tone down any big, extravagant features you choose to add to your bedroom, you can opt for calming and natural colour palettes. We are seeing much more of these emerge such as light grey, taupe and beige that offer a natural feeling that is calming and inviting. Combined with wooden fitted furniture creates a grounded and comforting feel.

Integrated dressing tables

A fitted wardrobe is the ideal way to create space and add practicality while still making your bedroom look chic and modern. One trend we are noticing more recently is the use of integrated dressing tables. You are able to put your dressing table into your fitted wardrobe to add a bespoke solution that really works for you. You can choose to have them on display or hidden behind doors.

Do you want fitted furniture for your bedroom? DTR Customs is a provider of modern furniture that is made perfectly for you and your needs. Whatever style or trend you want in your home, get in touch with our experts today and turn your bedroom into the perfect oasis.

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