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Luxury Homeware Trends for 2023: 3 Ideas to Try This Year

The start of a new year calls for new beginnings and a refresh of your home’s interior. With so many new exciting trends and design styles emerging in 2023, why not embrace what’s new and wow your guests with these on-trend but timeless design ideas?

Delve into the luxury homeware trends for 2023 so you can keep your home looking modern, fresh and full of life.

Bespoke bookcase

1. Luxurious living

In 2023, interior design is all about bringing a clean and luxurious feel to your home. Luxurious living doesn’t necessarily mean expensive or glitzy - it’s more about carefully curating pieces that feel timeless and sophisticated - however that may look for you.

To create a luxurious feel in your home, fill rooms with neutral colours, soft rugs, plush seating and items that work well together in order to create a smooth and cohesive look.

One way to ensure that all of your furniture is cohesive is by choosing fitted furniture for your home. Fitted furniture is carefully measured to fit your home’s layout so you can rest assured that everything will match and suit your home perfectly.

2. Bold borders

Add a splash of colour to your home this year with a bold border.

These colourful accents have made a comeback this year but this time they are even more free-spirited. Rather than simply lying horizontally across a wall, homeowners and interior designers have been adding bold colours bending around woodwork or breaking up segments of space.

Use bold colours or patterns to instantly liven up any room.

3. Wellness

In recent years, wellness has become a hot topic of so many conversations. Now more than ever, people are looking for different ways to boost their wellness, and by making some small changes to your interior design, you can do just that.

Wellness design is all about creating a sense of relaxation in your home by adding soft lighting, environmentally-friendly products and ensuring a healthy airflow.

DTR Customs Ltd: Luxury furniture

Are you looking to elevate your home’s interior design this year? Well, look no further than DTR Customs Ltd!

At DTR Customs Ltd, we offer fitted designer furniture carefully measured to perfectly fit your home.

No matter the size of your home, we can improve your living space with our elegant, high-end designer furniture.

If you are interested in the range of services we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team here today.

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