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Making Your Home Office More Comfortable

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Having a home office has become much more popular, giving people a chance to have more independence when it comes to their work life. Having a designated space in your home as a working office can let you detach from your home life areas, helping you maintain the work life balance in the comfort of your home.

Keep reading to find some ways to develop and get the most out of your space.

Bespoke bookshelf

Natural lighting

Getting natural lighting into your workspace is great for your wellbeing, and a great way to make you feel generally more energised. Not only will artificial light increase your energy consumption, but it won’t give you any vitamin D, which can be obtained from natural light. This will promote your productivity and help get you into a better sleep pattern.

A quiet place

You want a place you can fully focus, so picking a nice quiet spot is important to help keep you productive. Also, a space away from the temptations of the refrigerator may benefit your productivity too. By separating your office, when it comes to taking your breaks, you’ll be able to differentiate the spaces and relax more outside of your office.

Storage and Furniture

You may be inclined to pick super comfy sofas and chairs, but you still want your home office to feel like a working space. You want a balance of being comfortable but not having another space to relax. With this in mind, keeping your office a nice clear space, free from clutter will help distinguish it. So, tuck all your wires and cables away and take all your mugs with you at the end of the day. Investing in good storage and high quality furniture to organise the space will benefit how you work too. Having a clear space to think and work will increase your productivity. You want to be careful of anything that might end up being too distracting (like a TV).

Personal touches

Adding a few small personal things to your office will give it a bit of a homey feel, which is always nice. Even though it’s your working space, a few plants, photos and trinkets might make it a nicer place to be, but still keeping it a professional space. You can also tailor the entire room around your work needs, like getting a made to measure desk or picking colours and decor you want.

Final thoughts

Overall, keeping your space professional, but a relaxing place to work is key. The last thing you want is to blend the home life too much with your working life.

We provide a 5 step service to get your visions to come to life and enhance your home. If you’re looking for a consultation or advice for the right furniture to maximise your office space, contact us today at DTR Customs for a free quote or consultation.

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