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Spruce Up Your Work From Home Setup With New Home Office Furniture

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Has your home office set-up changed since you began working from home? Or have you realised that the corner of your dining room table and the sofa don't make for a good "work office"?

Figures from the 2021 Census showed that the number of people working from home has risen in recent years. Respondents to the survey suggested that 84% of people who had to work from home due to the coronavirus plan to continue to work from home or undertake hybrid positions meaning they are splitting their time between home and the office. Add to this the increase in self-employed people working from home and the need for suitable home office spaces is becoming a priority for many people around the UK.

But what does it mean for you to have a good work-from-home set-up? Some people need a laptop, somewhere comfy to sit, and they're good to go. For others, a more complex office-like set-up can be beneficial and necessary to work productively.

The best way to spruce up your home office is with high-quality furniture. Home office furniture can come in many forms, and choosing a bespoke home office design can help you to turn an unused room into a productive working environment or help you to transform a portion of a room into a space that compliments the room's existing function and allows you a space to work efficiently.

But before we look at the best home office furniture to elevate your home office, let's look at how the proper work from set-up matters!

Home office

Benefits of a Well Designed Home Office

Workplace offices are set up for several reasons, but the main one is ensuring employees have everything they need to do their jobs well, efficiently, and in a way that helps them do so quickly. From the placement of computers and shapes of the desks to the type of open plan or cubicle layout you often find in many offices across the country.

Being able to replicate this at home means paying attention to the office furniture you use to help you mimic your office and allow you to have everything you need to hand in one area when you need it.

A well-designed office will allow you to separate your home and work life by having a designed space that isn't your sofa or dining table to help you distinguish between your working day and home life despite them both being within the same four walls. This is beneficial for your mental health and productivity during your working day.

Also, when you are sitting for long periods or working in the same position, you can risk injuries and illnesses associated with office work. Ensuring you have the correct size desk, fit of office chair, and ergonomic accessories can help you to eliminate the risk of injury or damage to equipment due to not being correctly placed or used due to lack of space or surface area to store them properly.

Lastly, a defined home office allows you to maintain professionalism when working from. Whether your top half says "meeting ready" and your bottom half consists of your pj's in your zoom meetings, your home office set-up should always be professional to help you get into the right mindset for a productive day at work.

The Best Furniture For A Bespoke Home Office

Whether it's a box room in the far corners of the home, a purpose-built home office extension, a garden office building or just a corner of a room in the house, you can easily find ways to spruce up your working space and get them out from your home office set up.

The right home office furniture will vary from person to person depending on their work and the size of the space they have to work within. High-quality, bespoke home office furniture can be designed using various materials, colours and features along with accessories and fittings to enhance the craftsmanship and quality of the piece and elevate your home office stylishly and practically to improve your working life and routine.

Made To Measure Desk

Designing spaces for everything you need to do your job well. The best way to find a suitable desk for your home office is to choose a made-to-measure desk to fit your space perfectly. The benefits of a custom-made desk include:

● Helping you retain the correct seated posture to eliminate back pain.

● Effectively using all allocated space to maximise your work surface area.

● Allowing you a perfectly designed desk to accommodate everything you need for successfully working from home.

Your room, storage needs, height and position of your equipment can all play a part in determining the suitable custom-fit desk for your office space at home and can be as simple or elaborate as you need it to be. For example, why not look into a sit-to-stand desk or a removable desktop addition to allow you to move around more during your working day? Sitting down is considered the silent office killer, and in recent years, studies have shown numerous benefits of a sit-to-stand desk for many people.

At DTR Customs, we will work with you to help you design the perfect custom home office desk for your requirements and bring it to life to help you create the ideal home office filled with high-quality furniture.

Office Storage Solutions

Disorganisation is the killer of productivity in the workplace. Clutter remains one the most prolific issues facing workers in the home and office. The best way to deal with office desk clutter is to ensure you have office storage solutions to keep all of your supplies and paperwork in. This is even more important if you are working within a room in your home, such as the corner of your bedroom or dining for example. The last thing you want is your work supplies to flood your home life.

Office storage solutions can range from a small filing cabinet on your desk to a full-size office wardrobe designed to sit within a discreet part of the room to enhance your working environment and complement the space or cover a whole wall. You can choose to incorporate your desk into the wardrobe or use it solely for storage purposes only.

When you have a space for everything and can organise your home office, you will be more productive and less distracted by clutter and mess. Plus, it will be much easier to separate work from home with everything stored neatly away in your bespoke home office storage solution.

Talk to us at DTR Customs to find out more about how we can revolutionise your wasted space in small rooms, alcoves or even under staircase spaces and turn them into a practical home office storage solution that not only does what you need it to but fits seamlessly into the room without impacting your decor and design.


Bookcases are one of the most versatile pieces of bespoke furniture you can include in your home office. Far from the standard shelving options of mass-produced commercial bookcases, bespoke home office bookcases can incorporate various designs and shelving options to fit your space, ideally offering enhanced storage and organisational space.

On top of this, for those working with a room, your bedroom, for example, a bookcase in your office can offer the ideal segregation of spaces to allow you to define your home office and separate it from your sleeping area. This will enable you to keep your bed separate and avoid confusion over your resting and working spaces. The same can be said for other parts of the home if your home office is elsewhere.

Remember, bookcases aren't just for books; they can hold many items, from decorative to functional office stationery to ornaments, awards, certifications and much more. Plus, a well-organised bookcase can offer you the perfect backdrop for virtual meetings without changing your background to hide your home!


Let's face it, during your working week; you will likely spend a lot of time sitting down. In this case, you must ensure your chair is as comfortable and supportive as possible. You want to be able to work without worrying about back pain, overreaching or limited movement.

Ideally, you will need an ergonomic office chair to help you sit comfortably while eliminating excessive strain on your body. Good office hairs will have a high level of padding in the seat, armrests at an appropriate angle, a shaped back to support the shape of your spine and wheels to help move around your desk. The best way to choose the right office chair is to look at the features that will benefit you the most - e.g. the type of material, do you require wheels, is a reclining chair, someone you need, does it comes with a footstool etc. and then try them out in person so ensure complete comfort.

If you want to find out more about the different types of bespoke home office furniture you can choose or invest in a made-to-measure desk or office wardrobe, contact us today, and we can book your one-to-one design consultation or get you a copy of our brochure.

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