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The Different Types of Bespoke Wardrobes That DTR Customs Offers

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

When planning to install a wardrobe, it is important that it is designed to meet the requirements of the room maximising space, style and functionality. When planning this storage space, ease of use and accessibility are key considerations. With a range of options available for different styles of wardrobe, it can be useful to discuss your required specifications with a company such as DTR Customs with experience in designing and crafting high-quality bespoke wardrobes.

Some of the most popular options for wardrobe designs include hinged wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes and sliding wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes provide a tailored alternative to a free-standing wardrobe. As the design and installation of a bespoke fitted wardrobe are carried out with the specifications and requirements of the specific room in mind, this will often mean that it can be a better fit from a standpoint of style and function.

Grey bespoke wardrobes

Investing in a bespoke fitted wardrobe can help free up space in your bedroom by implementing efficient storage solutions tailored to the size of the room. It is also a long-lasting option as the high-quality materials, design and installation process mean that it is a low-maintenance, durable item of furniture. Colours can be chosen to fit the theme of the room and additional features such as mirrors are often integrated into the design of wardrobes to make the best use of space in a bedroom.

The first step in designing and installing a bespoke fitted wardrobe with DTR Customs is booking a design consultation to discuss your requirements and understand the available options. Once a design has been finalised using innovative technical design software, the different parts of the wardrobe are then crafted at our site in Keyworth. Our experienced team will then be able to handle the installation of the wardrobe in your home.

DTR customs can also provide bespoke design and installation of a wide range of other furniture providing a cohesive and stylish look and offering practical design solutions that maximise the available space. One of the benefits of choosing bespoke furniture is that it can meet the exact needs of your home. Integrating shelving for items such as books with a wardrobe can be a popular choice to free up space elsewhere.

Read more for some further information on the different types of bespoke wardrobes that DTR Customs can design and install.

Hinged Wardrobes

Hinged wardrobes offer a classic and stylish storage solution with wide-ranging designs to fit the specifications of modern or traditional interiors. One of the benefits of this wardrobe is that the entire unit can be opened at once making the organisation of clothing items more efficient. There is also significant versatility in the size of shelves and railing to hang clothes on with some wardrobes providing the option to modify the number of shelves at a later point if required.

Hinged doors can also work well in a more modern design as well as in instances where a wardrobe has to fit into a room with a sloped ceiling. This highlights one of the main advantages of bespoke fitted wardrobes in that almost every aspect can be customised from aesthetic elements such as the handles and colour to practical elements such as the dimensions and the shelving. To make the best use of space, hinged wardrobes can often be installed in the alcoves of bedrooms.

Walk-In Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are a popular and convenient storage solution where there is additional space in a bedroom. As a storage space, walk-in wardrobes provide the greatest ease of use in terms of easily being able to organise items. By working with a design consultant it is possible to make the best use of space creating a stylish and efficient design for your wardrobe. If there is space, walk-in wardrobes are a popular option as they can speed up the process of getting ready in the morning.

Adding a walk-in wardrobe, similarly to other bespoke fitted wardrobes can often have a positive impact on the value of a house. It can be worth asking your design consultant what features people typically look for in a walk-in wardrobe in order to choose the criteria that will add the most value. With improved accessibility, there is also a benefit in how easy these wardrobes are to clean. With added space, this can make a big difference not only to the organisation of clothing but also to the space that is freed up in a bedroom.

Walk-in wardrobes can be designed to cater to a wide variety of room sizes and storage requirements providing a convenient location where clothing items and shoes can easily be stored and reached. Walk-in wardrobes can also mean that clothes are aired when they are stored with additional space ensuring that they will smell cleaner for longer.

Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes maximise the space available by removing the need to open doors out into the room. Frequently, mirrors will be added to the doors on walk-in wardrobes. There are also options for more traditional painted or wooden finishes depending on the specific design requirements. A design consultation can be a good opportunity to discuss aspects of different designs that you like and see how parts of these designs can be integrated into your home.

Our designers at DTR Customs are focussed on the ways in which fitted wardrobes can improve a living space both from aesthetic and practical standpoints. The key focus is delivering a user-friendly item which can provide convenient storage space and which can make the day-to-day storage of items easier. As a result of the fact that there is not as much of a need for space in front of a sliding door wardrobe, there is increased versatility in where these items of furniture can be installed.

Types Of Fittings

Often the quality of fittings installed in a wardrobe can make a significant difference to the reliability, ease of use and functionality. With a bespoke fitted wardrobe, there is a large degree of flexibility in the fittings that can be used and there can even be a large range of different fittings within one wardrobe creating a versatile and convenient storage solution. Working with installers at a company such as DTR Customs ensures that the wardrobe is reliably secured in place.

In a design consultation, one important step will be discussing your storage requirements in order for a consultant to deliver a recommendation on the required specifications for fittings to meet these needs. With a bespoke wardrobe design, there is the option for customisation on everything from the door handles to the shelving units. The fittings used by DTR Customs are timeless, classic and reliable providing the basis for innovative storage space.

Wall-to-End Panels

Where an end panel is required in a fitted wardrobe design this will typically match the design and colour of other aspects of the wardrobe. Where a range of different cupboards, cabinets and furniture items are being designed for a house it often makes sense to opt for similar designs to provide a connected and cohesive style throughout a property.

Wall-to-Wall Panels

Where wall-to-wall panels are used, they will be measured and crafted to fit the intended space in a bedroom. This demonstrates one of the key benefits of a bespoke design in that it can provide an exact match to the space available.


There is a range of different designs and purposes for shelving fittings installed in wardrobes from footwear storage to trousers and shirts. Opting for pull-out shelves is one option that can help improve the ease of use of a wardrobe. The balance between shelving space and space to hang clothes will typically depend on personal preference and can be discussed with a design consultant. The plans for the wardrobe will be created by DTR on specialist design software meaning that it will be possible to get a clear look at the design before the wardrobe is installed.

Get In Touch

Based in Keyworth, Nottingham, DTR Customs design and install a wide range of bespoke fitted bedroom wardrobes. Designing and installing furniture throughout Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derby we provide bespoke furniture tailored to your home with a focus on maximising both style and function. To book a free design consultation with one of our experienced designers, get in touch today by calling 0115 837 3433 or emailing us at Following a consultation, we can deliver expert design, craftsmanship and installation working together to make your home improvement plan a reality.

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