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Three Essentials For A Productive Home Office

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

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With working from home becoming an ever-increasing normality, there’s never been a better time to reconsider what makes the perfect home office set-up, and how this can impact our mood and productivity. In this brief guide, we outline a few key steps you should consider when setting up an office at home to help you stay productive.

Finding The Right Chair

Look, we can be honest here; when we first imagined working from home, we envisioned ourselves simply popping open our laptop in bed and cracking on cuddled up in pyjamas. Regrettably, not only will this accomplish little in terms of motivation or focus, but it will also naturally wreak havoc on your back, shoulders and spine. Sitting in bed in a crouched or crossed-legged position will inevitably lead to neck, back and shoulder pain so it’s best to stretch your legs and find the perfect desk chair for your home office set-up.

Today, most office desk chairs are fitted with lumbar support and ergonomic armrests to provide comfort when sitting at your desk. Below are some key features of an ergonomic chair we suggest focusing on:

● Height adjustable

● 360-degree swivel base

● Adjustable backrest and armrest

● Adjustable seat depth

● Built-in lumbar support

Finding the right chair will improve mood, reduce pain and boost productivity. It really is a no-brainer!

Segregate Work

As mentioned, working directly from your bed may seem like the dream scenario at first, but in the long term, it will only serve to distract you, making you less productive as you struggle to disassociate between work and comfort. This is why ensuring you find a specific location for your work, whether this is at a desk in your bedroom or somewhere completely separate like in a living room, is so important. Differentiating between a place of comfort and a place of work will improve your mood, your output and concentration.

Storage and Organisation

At work; organisation comes easy. Whenever you arrive for another day in the office, your work is in front of you, with a two-screen set-up and your files and paperwork smartly stored in a small drawer beside you, everything is in place for work to begin. You may even have a diary, notepads and yellow sticky labels, but either way, the point is simple; at work, everything is set up in aid of the ease and efficiency of productivity. At home, keeping your desk tidy, your files organised and your storage organised is essential in creating a positive and productive working atmosphere, so try writing up a checklist and getting yourself organised.

At DTR Customs, we understand that with so many people working from home fairly often or fully remotely nowadays, having a dedicated, well-designed workspace can totally transform the experience of working from home. Allow us to compliment your living spaces with elegant and stylish home office furniture, whilst maximising the space you already have at your disposal. Contact us today.

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