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Transform Your Living Space with Fitted Cupboards

It’s hard finding the right furniture to fit in your home, while still being practical and stylish. If you’re tight on space or have a lot of items to store, you may find that an Ikea flatpack just won’t cut it. It’s cases like this where it makes sense to splurge on bespoke wooden furniture that actually works with the space you have. Otherwise, you may find wasted space in tight corners or above cupboards that could be filled with storage space.

Living spaces are the heart of the home, where the family comes together and enjoys each other's company. The last thing you want is a space that isn’t optimised for your family’s needs. Instead of ill-fitting furniture that doesn’t serve your space, consider designing and installing fitted storage solutions in your living areas that are personalised to you. This means they fit your space perfectly, right down to the inch, and they have enough space for everything you would like to store in them. Whether this is under stair storage, boot rooms, library walls or bespoke tv units.

At DTR Customs, we’ve been providing bespoke fitted furniture to customers for years, so we have the required experience to make the perfect one for you. Perhaps you are planning a home renovation or just want to make better use of your space. If so, we’re here to help. In this blog, we’ll explain the many ways you can optimise your living space with fitted cupboards and storage.

Fitted cupboards and storage

Understair storage

When the words ‘under the stairs’ are spoken, do images of tossed shoes, piles of coats and clutter come to mind? If so, then you may be in need of some quality fitted cupboards. A little bit of organisation in your cupboard can go a long way and help keep mess to a minimum. No longer will you have to battle a cupboard that is brimming full with winter clothes and shoes that don’t have an appropriate place to live. Or perhaps you don’t even have a cupboard or the one you use is too small. Custom fitted under stair cupboards can help to streamline your hallway and make leaving for work and school in the mornings much easier.

For many, the stairs and hallway are the first things somebody sees when they walk into your home and are often incorporated into our living space. Therefore, it only makes sense to incorporate fitted storage solutions to reduce the risk of messy hallways, minimal space or inaccessible storage. DTR Customs can design, build and install beautiful cupboards with shelving, pigeon holes and clothing rails that fit the exact measurements of your home, filling each corner, while still looking clean and contemporary.


Alcoves are often not well utilised, preventing you from making the most of a quality storage space. Whether beside your fireplace or chimney breast, they are a great place to install fitted cupboards. Many free-standing cupboards leave extra space above or on the sides, meaning you are not maximising the potential of your alcove. Furthermore, it doesn’t look as good when there are gaps between the furniture. By installing bespoke fitted furniture, you can ensure it looks great and makes the most use of the space. Fitted storage solutions fit your space down to each cm and fill any awkward spaces or gaps. This can give you up to two times more storage compared to traditional solutions.

Whether you want to upgrade your living room, hallway, bedroom or any other alcove in your home, it can be done easily with DTR Customs. We will take the measurements of your space and upgrade your room with seamless storage units. This unit can be filled with whatever you choose, whether you’d like shelving, clothing rails, shoe racks or even pull-down rails. It can easily be done with the professionals at DTR Customs.

Library walls

Whether you have a dedicated library room or study, or you just want to add a library wall to a living space, flat-pack bookshelves just won't cut it. Bespoke-designed shelving is a great concept to elevate your space and display all those books you are so proud of. Library walls can also look great in kitchens to store cookbooks if you have enough space. You can also add cupboards to the wall to create hidden storage spaces for other items.

While libraries used to be only for affluent homeowners, more and more people are adding this classy element to their homes. New design techniques and more access to books mean it’s now much easier to install your own home library. We recommend using a professional custom storage company to design and install your library to really make the most of every inch of space. At DTR Customs, we love creating bespoke fitted library shelving, so look no further for the perfect addition to your home.

Bespoke tv units

Tv’s have become a staple for many homeowners, yet a lot of us don’t have the perfect storage unit to display it properly. A well-designed entertainment unit that is created for your space is the perfect way to keep all of your technology organised and hidden while displaying your tv in your living space. Custom-made and bespoke fitted storage solutions for your entertainment needs are a great addition to your space and make the room feel put together and contemporary.

Whether you have a tv in your bedroom, living room or kitchen, it’s important to use high-quality furniture to pull the room together. This way the tv doesn’t look out of place. You can get units that allow you to hide the tv, or ones that make it the focal point of the room. It’s dependent on your own personal preferences, but speak to a designer at DTR Customs and we’ll be able to put together the perfect entertainment unit for you. It will take into account viewing angles and keep cables out of view while also leaving plenty of space for consoles, DVDs and any other items you want to store.

Boot rooms

When you live a busy and active lifestyle, you may struggle to find the space to store your outdoor gear and other garden essentials. Whether you need somewhere to store muddy boots, dog leads and towels after an autumn dog walk or you would just like to keep the kids shoes and coats organised, a boot room is a great idea. Boot rooms help reinvent any room or make better use of smaller spaces. They fit well in utility rooms or hallways and make light work of cleaning up, with functional cupboards, shelving and clothing rails, your items will be neatly tidied up in no time,

Fitted with a bench, you’ll be able to come in, sit down, pull off your boots and take off your coat before neatly storing them in the bespoke cupboards. This prevents you from dragging mud through the house or splashing water on the walls - essential if you have young kids. You can add plants, hooks or even add washing amenities to get the clean-up done all in the same place. At DTR Customs, we can create the perfect boot room for you - perfectly designed to your room’s measurements.

DTR Customs - Bespoke Wooden Furniture Across Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derby

Are you looking for quality bespoke furniture solutions? The team at DTR Customs are here to help you. From bespoke tv units to boot rooms, we can make your living space perfectly fitted to you. With quality handmade furniture, expertly designed to fit the nooks and crannies of your home, it couldn’t be easier to optimise your space and maximise storage. To get started on your bespoke fitted furniture, get in touch with our team today.

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