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What You Need to Know About Creating the Perfect Home Cinema

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

If you’re looking for a comfortable and exciting way to unwind and enjoy your favourite films, consider setting up your own home cinema. From selecting the right room to working out screen and sounding options, you’ll have plenty to think about. Read on to discover how to create your perfect home cinema.

Cinema room

Find a designated room

The first thing you’ll need to consider is which room you should use to accommodate your home cinema. It’s important to dedicate a room entirely to your private cinema - after all, when the home movie room shares space with other activities, the cinematic experience is lessened. When the non-dedicated home theatre shares open floor plan space with the kitchen, cooking sounds and smells invade. Similarly, when the movie room is the living room, other people may interfere and light is difficult to control.

Spare bedrooms and even converted garages could be great options - just make sure you’re able to access electricity and lighting.

Minimise natural lighting

With most home renovation, you're always trying to add more natural light. However, home cinemas are spaces where you want to do the exact opposite - you want less light, not more.

Garages and basements are great ways to dim natural light. If you cannot do this, limit the light with light-blocking curtains and blackout shades.

Select the right screen and sounding options

The main factor to determine your cinema display size is of course the dimensions of your wall - obviously you can’t get a home movie theatre screen that’s bigger than your wall. You’ll also need to weigh up where you’ll want to sit and how the viewing angle will look.

Depending on your planned speaker setup you may want to leave room on the sides or below the screen for your front speakers. Alternatively you can get an acoustically transparent projector screen and place it in front of the speakers. These screens have tiny holes to allow the sound waves to pass through, without causing sound ripples on the screen or affecting the sound quality.

Choose luxurious seating

No home cinema is complete without luxurious and comfortable seating. Whether you want to opt for sleek sofas or cosy armchairs, there are plenty of options available to help you feel as relaxed as possible.

DTR Customs designs, manufactures and installs beautiful bespoke cabinetry to house all aspects of home entertainment. From fitted TV walls for family entertainment, to state of the art, luxury home cinemas, with all the trimmings - we’ve got your luxury furniture needs covered.

We can design around your existing Audio Visual (AV) equipment, or if you are looking to start from scratch, we team up with such AV experts as Richer Sounds. Pop into our showrooms for a chat or get in contact to arrange for a FREE 1-2-1 design appointment at your home.

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